I have now retired from paid professional work as a consultant psychiatrist but remain hugely interested in understanding human development and in encouraging others to do so.

Before retiring, I was a Consultant Psychiatrist in Medical Psychotherapy working in my own clinical, training and consultancy practice in London with a range of children, young people, families and adults.  I am a former Chair of the Faculty of Medical Psychotherapy of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and was RCPsych Lead on ‘Promoting Psychological Therapies and Psychologically Informed Clinical Practice in Primary and Secondary Care’. I am a former Chair of the Association of Therapeutic Communities.  I worked for 25 years at the Cassel Hospital in London and strongly supported partnership working with experts by experience in the planning, delivery and evaluation of clinical and educational services.  Since retirement from management responsibilities in the NHS, I have worked clinically in supporting the provision of therapeutic services for those diagnosed with Severe and Complex Personality Disorders in the London Boroughs of Hackney, Croydon, and Wandsworth, and in a Specialist Tier 4 Residential PD Service in Ealing in the Independent Sector.   

I have learnt a lot from those I have worked alongside over the years and continue to enjoy learning from and with patients and their families, and from and with staff.  I am married with two adult children.  I live in London and enjoy playing music, exploring history, travelling, listening to and learning from the views of others.  I was initial Chair of the National Clinical Reference Group on Severe and Complex Personality Disorder with a national remit to develop Outreach Services and Intensive Residential Programmes at Tier 4 level for those with Severe and Complex Personality Disorders.  I remain fascinated by the expanding knowledge available from the neurosciences and continually seek to apply this knowledge to clinical, teaching, consultancy and personal settings.